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Team Tucker Association

Tucker Helstrom was a boy living in the Hopkins community who spent his short 9 ½ years of life playing sports, laughing with friends and family, and showing love to people in need. Even when cancer took his leg, he continued to find ways to play sports, have fun with friends and family, and continued to worry about others despite having his own major troubles. Ironically, while Tucker showed everyone how to live during his heroic battle with osteosarcoma, he ended up dying. However, his mother, family, and his “team” will build the Association which will ensure that his legacy will live. Tucker, with his amazing strength and attitude, created an explosion reaching those who loved Tucker, whether they met him or just read about him. The Team Tucker Association will ensure that even more people will benefit, as it will help other children Play, Laugh, and feel Love.

Team Tucker Mission

All children deserve to Play and Laugh daily. By extending Love, even those children with fewer opportunities can experience this. The Team Tucker Association will provide the time and resources to ensure that Tucker’s legacy will live on, ensuring more kids Play, Laugh, and Love.

Tucker’s Sandlot

Team Tucker Association will reach out to children who may not have the opportunity to play organized sports or team sports within their communities. The Association will provide the field, a coach, the equipment, and an atmosphere of fun and friendship while children and interested adults come play baseball! More than baseball, friendships will be formed and community will be felt. After some coaching and a lively Sandlot game finishes, a lunch will be enjoyed by all. Upon leaving, all of the children will leave wearing a Team Tucker t-shirt with their own glove and baseball, and hopefully the phone numbers of some new friends. They can then be sure to Play and Laugh every day going forward. If an adult makes a commitment to resume the fun at the same location at a later date, a Tucker’s Sandlot volunteer will return with the equipment and healthy meals for a follow up sandlot game.

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Tucker’s Teammates

Tucker was fortunate to be able to get his cancer treatment in a hospital close to his home and family. Between this and the commitment of his family and friends, Tucker was able to play with others every single day he was in the hospital. Tucker vowed to return to the hospital and play with other children suffering illnesses and hospital stays. Since Tucker cannot make those visits, the Team Tucker Association will create the opportunities for his family, old friends and new friends he created through his explosion to Play It Forward. By volunteering to spend time in Kyle Rudolph’s End Zone, patients at the U of M Masonic Children’s Hospital will have the opportunity to play with and make friends with peers who care. The children who are patients will be able to forget about their diseases and instead just have fun. The children who are healthy will be able to appreciate their good fortune and bring joy to those without it. Every participant will have greater happiness and quality of life.

Team Tucker Sponsorships

No boy enjoyed watching sports more than Tucker. He begged to stay at Maetzold Field all day to watch baseball, went to every game he could of his cousins, loved watching varsity sports, and didn’t miss a single Wild game and only a few Twins games. This love of supporting sports teams readily lends itself to Team Tucker sponsorships of youth teams. Team Tucker: Play Laugh Love already has sponsored Minneapolis and Hopkins youth hockey teams. We look forward to using some of our funds to support other teams while spreading our mission statement and Tucker’s spirit.

The Team Tucker Association will continue to find ways to provide Play, Laugh and Love to other children. As new opportunities arise, whether a Tucker Buddy Bench, a signature from a Wild player, or simply a tip for a random act of kindness that everyone could do, our Association will continue to carry on Tucker’s legacy.

What We Need

The Team Tucker Association is at the beginning of what promises to be a lifetime of helping thousands of children in need to Play, Laugh and feel Love. To do this, our dedicated board needs donations of money, food and baseball equipment. Programs run by the Team Tucker Foundation will be based on volunteerism, which is the Love Tucker inspired.

What We Offer

For those in need in our community, we offer friendship, fun and food. For those with heart, we offer the opportunity to make a positive difference in the lives of children and feel the gratification that comes from that. For the businesses and individuals who sponsor Team Tucker, we offer the opportunity to have your business listed on our website, t-shirts that will go home with each participant, banners posted at all Sandlot events, and the joy of knowing your community is a better place to live for all.

Thank you for your support!

Team Tucker’s 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status is currently pending approval. If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation, please email Dana@playlaughlove.org to receive the tax information of ResourceWest, fiscal sponsor of Team Tucker Association.