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Our Purpose

Tucker Helstrom was a boy living in the Hopkins community. He spent his short 9 ½ years playing sports, laughing with friends and family, and showing love to all, even after cancer forced the amputation of his leg. Tucker showed everyone how to live during his heroic battle with osteosarcoma. Now, his mother, family, and his “team” are continuing his legacy. Tucker, with his amazing strength and attitude, created an explosion. Team Tucker ensures more children Play, Laugh, and feel Love.

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while honoring the special friendship between Tucker and Jason Zucker.  Purchase the only item that identifies their special bond and the advice Tucker gave to Jason during their short but amazing friendship.  Their bond connects them from heaven to Earth to the hockey rink they both love.  Tucker and Zucker remind us all to live our lives to the fullest, care for others, and always Shoot More.  Available at our online shop and at Fan HQ at Ridgedale Mall, Minnetonka.

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Our Mission

All children deserve to Play, Laugh and feel Love daily. Team Tucker provides the time and resources to ensure that Tucker’s legacy lives on.


What We Need

The Team Tucker Association wants to help thousands of children to Play, Laugh and feel Love. To do this, our dedicated board needs help in the form of time, money, food and baseball equipment. All donations are tax deductible. Programs run by the Team Tucker Association are organized and run by volunteers. Please let us know if you want to join Team Tucker! Just email dana@playlaughlove.org.

What We Offer

We offer opportunities for children, both healthy and ill, to Play, Laugh and feel Loved. Kids will also make friends, have fun and enjoy healthy food. For adults we offer the opportunity to make a positive difference in the lives of children and feel the gratification that comes from that. For businesses we offer the opportunity to have your business listed on our website, t-shirts, social media, banners posted at all events, and the joy of knowing your community is a better place for all.

Thank you for your support!

Team Tucker: Play Laugh Love brings communities together by creating opportunities for children to make new friends, Play together, Laugh out loud and feel Love.

Team Tucker is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.