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Baseball Explosion

THE WHY: Tucker’s best sport was baseball. Wow, did he have a beautiful swing that sent a line drive over second base. Not only did he love playing it, he loved watching everyone else play: older kids, the Saints, the Twins and especially the MLB All Stars Home Run Derby. Because of this, Tucker’s mom has created a half-birthday party that will be Tucker’s Baseball Explosion!

WHEN: Sunday, May 20th, 2018

WHAT: Players ages 8 through 15 participated in a baseball competition in throwing accuracy, base running, and power hitting. Kids will play with friends and meet new friends as they team up and show off their skills. After that high school players will have a Home Run Derby for all to admire as they crush the ball over the little league fence of Tucker Field and into the parking lot. Families and kids will have lots to enjoy off the diamond as well: delicious food, sweet treats, a bouncy house, facepaint games, prizes and even a visit from a fire truck and fire fighters!

WHERE: Maetzold Park in Hopkins

Miss this year’s Baseball Explosion? We’ll be back next year! In the meantime, find some skates and join us in October for the HOCKEY EXPLOSION!

Thank you for your support!

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