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Tucker’s Sandlot

Tucker’s mom knew that Tucker would have encouraged many more kids to Play, Laugh and Love had he been able to live longer, thus she created Tucker’s Sandlot. Tucker’s Sandlot gives all children the opportunity to learn and play baseball! During the summer months, Team Tucker: Play Laugh Love provides the field, coaching, equipment, and an atmosphere of fun. After quality coaching and an exciting Sandlot game, everyone is given a healthy meal to enjoy with new friends. All players receive a Team Tucker t-shirt, their own baseball glove, a baseball and water bottle. This ensures that they can continue to Play and Laugh in their homes and parks with friends and family all week/summer long!

Currently we host Tucker’s Sandlot in Hopkins and Robbinsdale. We look forward to expanding the program as we grow and get more volunteers.

Thank you for your support!

Team Tucker: Play Laugh Love brings communities together by creating opportunities for children to make new friends, Play together, Laugh out loud and feel Love.

Team Tucker is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.