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Tucker was fortunate that his cancer treatment was close to his home, family and friends. Tucker was able to play with others nearly every single day he was in the hospital. However, every week in the hospital, Tucker would notice that there were children, patients that did not have visitors, some not even their parents. That broke Tucker’s heart and he vowed to help these lonely children who were stuck in a hospital with no distraction from their illness.

Sadly, Tucker cannot help those lonely patients, but his Teammates can. To become Tucker’s Teammate simply find a fun way to raise a little money while playing with your friends. Tucker’s Teammates will create funds that will be used to bring the patients’ own “team” to the hospital. Whether they need gas money, transportation, or a hotel room because of the long drive, Team Tucker: Play Laugh Love will provide it. Everyone needs their “team”, and never more than when they are facing a life-threatening health condition. Tucker’s Teammates will make it possible for each VIP (Very Important Patient) to have their “team” by their side.

Please click below to tell us about your fundraiser as you become one of Tucker’s Teammates. We look forward to hearing about it and sending you an official Tucker’s Teammate t-shirt. Thank you for caring about these sick kids!


Tucker’s Teammates


This week’s heroes? Hopkins Hockey!

These Teammates hosted a hockey tourney to raise money for PLL and to help kids with cancer. Tucker made the best friends during his time here and we are so proud of them!


(Very Important Patients):

Every parent’s nightmare is having a life-threatening illness strike her/his child. When that happens, the child is not only sick and inflicted with painful medical treatments, they are taken out of their home, school, sports field and away from their siblings, friends, relatives, and teammates. Sometimes the sick children have visitors come take their mind of their fears and relieve the isolation of being in the hospital. However, many times this isn’t financially or logistically feasible. These are the children who suffer the most, and in Tucker’s mind are the most important ones to help. Team Tucker: Play Laugh Love together with the staff at Tucker’s hospital (U of M Masonic Children’s) will find these Very Important Patients and do what it takes to get their “team” by their side.

If you are the parent of a Masonic patient and you need help getting your child’s “team” (it may be family members, friends, teammates – whoever they are missing the most) by their side at the hospital, please talk with your Child-Family-Life professional. He/She will help you get help from Team Tucker: Play Laugh Love.

Those who have worked with the CFL staff, please click below to complete the application for becoming a VIP. We look forward to helping your child Play and Laugh with their Loved ones!


Thank you for your support!

Team Tucker: Play Laugh Love brings communities together by creating opportunities for children to make new friends, Play together, Laugh out loud and feel Love.

Team Tucker is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.