Tucker's Story

Tucker Helstrom on a hockey card

Our Inspiration:  Tucker

Tucker Helstrom resides in the hearts of everyone who knew him. Although only being with us for 9 ½ years, Tucker left a lasting and inspiring impression on all who were fortunate enough to spend time with him. Tucker had a loving heart perfectly combined with humor that left people laughing and feeling admired by him. Tucker found the good in everyone and inspired everyone to do the same. He accomplished this by making people laugh, inviting them to play and sharing his love of friendship, sports, family, and life. Tucker’s gregarious personality, beautiful blue eyes and warm smile touched the hearts of all who met him, and even those who just read about him or heard his story.

Orange was Tucker’s favorite color since he was 18 months old. He wore orange clothes daily, slept in a bedroom painted orange, and filled his orange backpack with orange school supplies. His only non-orange clothes were his Wild sweats/jerseys and Twins t-shirts. Tucker’s loved ones are always reminded of his love when they see an orange sunset or wear an orange shirt.

Tucker may have died on July 2, 2016, but his love and laughter will always live on in all of us who knew him; and with the Team Tucker Association, his inspiration to play will reach children forever.

There's Nothing We Can't Do

For the complete story of the family's journey through Tucker's cancer battle, purchase There's Nothing We Can't Do.  Dana wrote this book to reveal Tucker's inspirational legacy and share the fight all three of her kids endured facing pediatric cancer.

Cover of There's Nothing We Can't Do and Dana Cares logo

Tucker & Zucker: An Instant and Forever Friendship

"Mom, one good thing came from cancer," Tucker said as he lay in his hospital bed with his mom, Dana.  It was night and the lights were off, but Tucker's face was visible because of the machines pumping chemo and medicines into him had red lights flashing and sounds beeping, always.
"What's that, honey?" Dana replied.
"I got to meet my sports hero." Tucker said with a huge smile across his beautiful, bald head.
That happened on December 16, 2015. It turned out to be a fateful encounter not just for Tucker, but also for Jason Zucker, because soon, Jason would love Tucker just as much as Tucker loved him.
Watch these videos to learn the heartwarming story of Tucker and Jason's friendship. A friendship that didn't end when Jason flew to be with Tucker as he was dying, nor did it end when Jason flew back to attend Tucker's celebration of life in early July 2016.  Tucker will forever be one of Jason's heroes, and Jason will forever be Tucker's and Dana's hero.
Jason Zucker, Tucker, & Charlie Coyle