Tucker's Sandlot

Watch our Sandlot video to see the fun in action!

  • In its 1st season in 2017, Tucker’s Sandlot brought baseball, friends, food, and love to 248 children at eight events in Hopkins.
  • In its 2nd season in 2018, Tucker’s Sandlot brought baseball, friends, food, and love to 412 children at eight events in Hopkins and Robbinsdale.
  • Covid interrupted our last two seasons, but we are back for the summer of 2022!
  • If you would like to be involved, make sure to contact Dana at dana@playlaughlove.org

Tucker’s mom knew that if he had been able to live longer, he would have encouraged many more kids to Play, Laugh, and Love. She wanted to spread his love for his friends, his sports, his favorite movie, and his favorite food to kids from all walks of life and from all over the state. So, Tucker’s Sandlot was born.

During the summer months, Team Tucker: Play Laugh Love provides the field, coaching, equipment, and an atmosphere of fun. At pop up dates and fields in Hopkins and Robbinsdale, Team Tucker offers two hours of baseball for any child who wishes to attend. After quality coaching and an exciting Sandlot game, every child is served Tucker’s favorite healthy meal to enjoy with new friends.

All players receive a Team Tucker t-shirt, their own baseball glove, a baseball and water bottle. This ensures that they can continue to Play and Laugh in their homes and parks with friends and family all week/summer long!

Tucker's Sandlot players
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Tucker's Sandlot players