Tucker's Teammates

Dana with two boys at hockey rink
Tucker with 2 friends at baseball concession stand
Hopkins Park Hockey Dollar Drive Contributors

The Inspiration for Tucker's Teammates

Tucker was fortunate that his cancer treatment was close to his home, family and friends. Tucker was able to play with others nearly every single day he was in the hospital. However, every week in the hospital, Tucker would notice that there were children, patients that did not have visitors, some not even their parents. That broke Tucker’s heart and he vowed to help these lonely children who were stuck in a hospital with no distraction from their illness.

Sadly, Tucker cannot help those lonely patients, but his Teammates can. To become Tucker’s Teammate simply find a fun way to raise a little money while playing with your friends. Tucker’s Teammates will create funds that will be used to bring the patients’ own “team” to the hospital. Whether they need gas money, transportation, or a hotel room because of the long drive, Team Tucker: Play Laugh Love will provide it. Everyone needs their “team”, and never more than when they are facing a life-threatening health condition. Tucker’s Teammates will make it possible for each VIP (Very Important Patient) to have their “team” by their side.

Please email Dana at dana@playlaughlove.org to tell us about your fundraiser as you become one of Tucker’s Teammates. We look forward to hearing about it and sending you an official Tucker’s Teammate t-shirt. Thank you for caring about these sick kids!

Teammates spotlight

The 10th Ave Art Club was formed when Mason and Paige O’Rourke invited their friends, Vilu and Evy Godfrey, to do a fundraiser for Team Tucker with them. The girls said yes and soon the first board meeting took place. After voting on roles, President Mason, VP Vilu, Secretary Paige and VIP Evy hit the pavement with their pre-scripted
pitch to give to anyone lucky enough to receive a knock at their door. The 10th Ave Art Club continued to have board meetings
during which they created the masterpieces requested by their customers. The Club members inspired their customers so much they generated hundreds in donations. Thank you for all of your time and hard work O’Rourkes and Godfreys!

Four young kids holding their artwork
The Club members presenting just a sample of their creations!

Teammates Gallery

Our Teammates have had fun raising money through baking, creating art, making dog toys, hosting yard sales, and more!